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Create beautiful graphic tees!

Our t-shirt film credits

You can easily create great looking graphic tees when you purchase our durable, high quality t-shirt film products. Each product is available in a variety of colors, finishes, and bulk sizes in order to help you achieve the best graphic design.

- GlitterFlex

- FashionFlex

- DecoSparkle


- ThermoFlex

100% satisfaction guarantee on film for tees

Not only are all of our products backed by the most affordable prices in the industry, but they're also backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


No matter what product your order - sign supplies, license plate supplies, or

t-shirt films - you can rest assured that, with us, you're getting only the best.

ThermoFlex supplier

You won't find a larger supplier of ThermoFlex products anywhere else! We are a proud supplier of this durable polyurethane film that is flexible enough for most applications and uses.

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